Take control of your environment

Ariel.international is a dynamic partner offering complete technological solutions to a wide range of environmental problems, including biological products, distribution solutions, remote metering, plus all the technology needed to control any process.
Here at Ariel.international we are ready to go that extra mile to choose for you the best solution, not just the one that fits a predefined product range.
In addition to that, Ariel.international is a low cost company, in that it doesn't invest in products and services that do not add to the final result which is expected by our customers.

Our solutions

The approach to the solution of environmental issues is taken in three steps.
These work together to provide the results expected with the most possible reliability and efficiency.

Bacterial Solutions

Live bacteria improve functioning while getting rid of unwanted effects, ie. odor, foam and crust in household, community and industrial applications.

Delivery Process Control

Precise dosing and timing are crucial for live bacterial products to obtain the most efficient results for applied quantity.

Data Logging and Reporting

Reporting makes each action count and allows the user to forecast what is happening, thus saving time and effort in useless maintenance and production checks.

Application fields

All activities have the same issues, when it comes to environment control.
What changes is just the scale and the application method of the correct solution.


For a healthy and comfortable living at home, while saving time, money and energy, bacterial solutions provide all the safety and the hygiene needed.
A simple regular action can help keep the house free from harmful bacteria and save money on chemicals and repairs.


When a quantity of people is using the same facilities, some activities like cooking and washing produce a huge amount of waste, which can be treated automatically to reduce the problems related to its disposal, ie. clogging of pipes and drains, odor and other issues.


Industrial processes and farming need precise parameters to be efficient and moneywise. Often a common solution is the use of chemicals, which then produce waste pollution resulting in a loss in the long run.
Bacterial additives, with precise control and reporting, produce healthy business plans while improving safety, health and environmental impact.

A complete solution

Ariel.international works on the whole project or on a single detail with the same purpose: to provide a complete solution which can be replicated and actually solves the problem for which it is designed.
But the true proof of any solution is that the problem doesn't exist anymore, so there is no commercial or technical limit to the range of solutions to be found, with the help of the right professionals in different fields of knowledge.
Obviously, some solutions become a standard for a specific range of problems, saving time and energy for the final user.
This ready made solutions you can find in this website.
There is much more to a company than sheer economic interest. There is passion for an idea, a goal to be achieved and a vision of the world how it should be. All this and much more I have put into Ariel.international, to achieve a result which is more than the sum of its components: to get control over the environment while protecting and promoting life in all its forms, applying solutions which work both for the customer and for the environment, playing a game where everyboy wins in the end.