About Us

Ariel.international is a very light consultancy agency, with a strong background in electronics and IT technology and an European  view of the market, specializing in the field of environmental control and non-chemical solutions to common problems.
We at Ariel.international operate on two levels: we selects or produce effective bacterial productz and we deploy the technology to deliver efficiently the right quantity at the right time, while keeping track of distribution and results.
Taking a far-fetched viewpoint over life, man cannot simply keep destroiyng life through chemical abuse. As population keeps growing and developing into better living conditions, chemical pollution is threatening life in many invisible ways.
The solution to this problem is already available and it doesn't require particular skills or huge investments: it only takes the choice to promote life instead of killing it, starting from the simplest life forms which help us thorough our living.
A sustainable solution for each environmental problem, which promotes life instead of killing it, using natural live organisms to control the population of the harmful ones, while improving efficiency and control, with cost effective solutions that anybody can use in his every day life to help the balance of the planet.
Live bacteria
All life conditions are regulated by bacterial activity: the various types of bacteria feed on specific organic materials and produce different end products. 
This is the difference between good or bad odor, taste, hygiene and conservation of organic materials. Odor is actually a sign of the activity of certain types of bacteria, which our nervous system has learned to recognise as bad to protect us from contamination.
By selecting and promoting the right type of bacteria, you are helping them to succeed and they will get rid of harmful ones, while producing odorless end products.
Conservation and distribution
Process control