Bacterial live products and odor neutralizers are successfully used in hotels, holiday villages, schools, sports centers, campings, barracks and anywhere there is a concentration of human activity which generates organic waste and the need of environmental treatment.

Automating dosing systems are used in every washing or laundry application, and for the treatment automatic treatment of waste to avoid odour and cloggings, symplifying control and reducing cost.

What to use?

sewage system, drains, relaunch wells

septic tanks, grease traps, biological tanks

forecourts, tanks, dumpsters, compactors

Biological activators, in liquid form to be dosed with automated systems, and powders to be inoculated in industrial plants
  • Septic tanks treatment
  • Sewage, siphons, wells and pipe treatment
  • Chemical toilet treatment
  • Carpets, paddings and fabric treatment
  • Car wash tanks treatment
  • Slow dissolution treatment specific for sewers

closed rooms with poor air exchange
(gyms, nursing homes, canteens etc.)

smoke-rooms, toilets, kitchens extractor hoods, aeration systems

leachate collection ducts, waste processing cumulus

Odor Neutralizers to be sprayed in the air or distributed directly on the bad smelling source

  • ready to use neutralizer for cumulus and surfaces
  • ready to use neutralizer for air nebulization

dishwashers, laundry, car wash

Automatic dosing control systems with remote management

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