Our products for application in the agricultural and zootechnical fields meet the need to biologically eliminate the nitrogen content in high percentages in all animal breeding waste.

The biological treatment consists of two phases: 1st phase oxidative (aerobic) in which the organic substance is degraded by selected microorganisms and the organic matter with a low degree of oxidation is converted into nitrates. 2nd stage of denitrification (anaerobic) nitrates are reduced to gaseous nitrogen. The nitrogenous substances are thus converted into gaseous elemental nitrogen that is released into the atmosphere and combines to the nitrogen already in the air, without producing any waste.

Natural substances, plant extracts and active microorganisms contained in our products meet the most critical needs of deodorization and fluidity of any kind of sewage.

.Starting from the technology applied to the zootechnics line, BBA Ecotech has developed a range of effective products for the treatment of pets habitats. Products ready to use and simple to apply, natural and harmless to animals and the environment. A healthier environment for pets and a safer and healthier environment for humans.

What to use?

litters and manure of farm and livestock animals

leachate gutters, manure cumulus

Specific odor neutralizers to be sprayed into the air or to be distributed directly on the source

  • neutralizer for cumulus and surfaces
  • neutralizer for sewage and leachatesi
  • neutralizer for air vaporization

manure tanks

forecourts, tanks, large areas

green of golf courses, gardens and parks

Specific biological activators, liquids to be dosed with automated systems, and powders to be inoculated in the plants

  • biogas plants
  • litters and sewage
  • horse litters
  • litters for poultry and rabbits
  • plant growth promoting performance
  • for greens and turf grass

pet beds, litter, menageries

pets and domestic environments

Specific Neutralizers to be sprayed into the air or distributed directly on the bad smelling source

  • surfaces neutralizer
Specific biological activators, liquids or powders, ready to use and easy to apply
  • animal bedding and upholstery treatment

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