BioAcidGel 1000ml

BioAcidGel 1000ml



1000ml - 6,50€



BioAcidGel is a bacterial formulation for the descaling treatment of hard surfaces in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, swimming pools etc.

BioAcidGel is composed of an organic acid with pH 3.3 and selected microorganisms, stabilized in spores’ form.

 BioAcidGel combines properties of a traditional acid descaler product with those of a biological additive for organic substances degradation. Once applied, the descaler component works immediately over the surface. Meanwhile microorganisms in contact with water reactivate because of the dilution and for the consequent increase in the pH value and start the depuration processes directly from the WC. MasterBIOACID is a highly effective product, with quick action, removes limescale encrustations and rust from all hard surfaces. MasterBIOACID is a powerful biological acid, “eco-friendly” able to clean surfaces efficiently, sewage systems and drains. Microorganisms of MasterBIOACID degrade oils, animal and vegetal fats, they have a synergistic action on the majority of effluents and neutralize bad smells by leaving a pleasant cleaning fragrance.

BioAcidGel is a liquid, thick, coloured product with balsamic fragrance.


BioAcidGel is a product easy to use and can be handled completely safely: it does not produce any fumes or gasses, it is not corrosive, it is not subjected to particular storage and transports regulations. During the application it is sufficient to use minimum precautions of use of a common descaler, because the product contains irritant agents, even if in moderate concentration.

BioAcidGel is suitable for the treatment of:

  • urinals
  • WC basins
  • sanitary tiles
  • glass fibers
  • ceramics


BioAcidGel is a liquid, ready to use and complete of nourishments, harmless to humans, animals and environment.

The microorganisms contained in BioAcidGel have been carefully selected from natural bacterial strains, not genetically modified. The raw materials of which it is composed are completely biodegradable with zero impact. BioAcidGel does NOT contain GMOs or other products of animal origin.


Spray/pour the product evenly over the surface to be treated and leave it working, then rub and rinse. Repeat the treatment regularly.


Pour BioAcidGel directly over WC walls and leave it working. For hard surfaces, spray a light smooth layer of BioAcidGel and leave it working for a few minutes, then rinse.


Gooseneck bottle 1000 ml


It is a product with acid pH, contains biodegradable surfactants according to current regulations.

Don't ingest. Don't smoke and consume food or drinks during the use. Avoid the contact with the eyes, otherwise wash abundantly with water. As hygienic precaution wash hands after handling.

Even if the product does not have a corrosive action, it is suggested to avoid the contact with: aluminium, galvanized surfaces, varnished surfaces, oxidizing agents and alkaline substances. It is suggested to do a test in a hidden part to evaluate the aggressiveness of the surface of the metal itself.

Store in the original container, well closed. Store in a cool dry place (at temperatures below 40°C).

Do not mix with any other product.