BioSink is a biologic formulation able to reactivate the biomass of sewage systems, it is composed of an extruded small stick of solid, natural, vegetal soap, of white colour and citrus odour, with slow dissolution, particularly indicated for the long-term treatment of syphons and sewages.

The blend of sporogenous bacteria and specific enzymes contained in BioSink provides a broad action spectrum, quick acclimatization, security, compatibility, maximum effectiveness and speed of action in all kinds of sewage and syphons. BioSink guarantees high performances in the sewage system because it contains also nourishments and stimulants of bacterial growth, penetrant substances and surfactants able to melt and liquefy grease deposits on internal surfaces of sewages and syphons.



BioSink degrades completely oils, vegetal and animal fats, hair and other organic substances presented in the sewage and it has a synergistic effect on the majority of pollutants in wastewaters. BioSink neutralizes bad smells.

BioSink is a practical application system of the biological treatment: thanks to its small size, the stick can be inserted directly in the sink sewage grid, in shower syphons and in all kind of syphons.

 BioSink is suitable for the treatment of sewage system of:

  • sinks
  • basins
  • hand-rinse basins
  • bidets
  • showers
  • shower syphons
  • syphons

The continuous use of BioSink reduces the maintenance interventions for drains cleaning and unclogging.


BioSink is a bacterial-enzymatic additivefull of ready to usenutrients, harmless to humans and the environment. Microorganisms contained in BioSink have been carefully selected from natural strains, not genetically modified.

BioSink does NOT contain GMOs or other ingredients of animal origin.

BioSink is sold in practical bars to throw directly in the sewage without the concern of dosing and handling the product.


Insert a stick in each drain, so that it reaches the syphon. Repeat the treatment regularly.

In sewages treated with BioSink do not use bleach or other disinfectants for at least one hour before the treatment so as not to affect the efficiency of the product.

It is preferable to dose BioSink in the evening, when the sewage is not in use, to give the microorganisms as much time as possible to activate and work in syphons and all along the drains to be treated.


BioSink 20 - for single syphon applications in blister with 20 sticks

BioSink  50 - for household treatment in blister with 50 sticks

BioSink  365 - one year of treatment in box with 250 pieces


N° 1 stick per syphon, every week (average duration of the dissolution), increase the number of bars according to thesewage use frequency.


Store in the original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Do not swallow. Do not smoke or consume food or drink during use.

Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise wash with plenty of water.

Always wash your hands after handling.

Store protected from frost and at temperatures below 40° C.

Do not mix with any other product, particularly with biocides, disinfectants and insecticides.