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BioCH4 is a powder product with beige colour and yeast odour, dedicated to anaerobic digester plants used both for the treatment of zoo-technical sludge and both for the stabilization of muds obtained from the flotation of compostable organic waste and/or muds resulted from the aerobic depuration. BioCH4 is composed of a specific blend of bacteria that promote the growth of the methane producer strains already presented in the Plant, enzymes and nourishment able to break the complex molecules of slurry, with growth of methane, carbon dioxide and water. BioCH4 provides broad spectrum of action, quick acclimatization, safety and speed of action in all kinds of environments to be treated, compatibility with already presented biomasses and maximum effectiveness on all kind of plant and related ecosystem.


In a context of extreme and continuous energetic need and high environmental risk, the anaerobic treatment with BioCH4 and the recovery of the produced biogas is nowadays an extremely interesting solution which can lead to several advantages: 

1) Energy production: the anaerobic treatment under controlled conditions leads to the degradation of the organic substance and to the production of biogas. 

2) Odour and pollutant emissions elimination: the bad smelling substances arising from the process are led to combustion through the biogas. 

3) Wastewater stabilization: the elimination of the organic carbon mass, which can be obtained in the anaerobic processing, makes the wastewater mix enough stable in the following storage phases; the degradation and fermentation processes slow down and consequently less bad smelling compounds are produced. (hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, ammonia) 

4) Reduction of the pathogenic effect: the anaerobic processing can reduce the potential pathogenic effect.

BioCH4 can be used for the treatment of: anaerobic digesters


BioCH4 is a ready to use bacterial additive complete of nourishments harmless to humans and environment. The used bacteria have been carefully selected from natural bacterial strains, not genetically modified, none of them classified as pathogen. BioCH4 complies with the existing regulations. BioCH4 DOES NOT contain GMO. 


Use in wastewater with pH 5.5 and 9.5 and temperature between +5 and +45 °C. 

Distribute the product evenly in the plant to be treated, repeat the treatment regularly and allocate the total daily dose into at least three times of the day. 


Anaerobic digester 

INSEMINATION: dose between 50 and 150 gr for each m3 of volume in the reactor to treat.

START UP: dose for the first 6/10 days in the reactor from 20 to 50 gr for each m3/day of incoming effluent. 

MAINTENANCE: dose daily in the tank from 1 to 3 gr for m3/day of incoming effluent. 

PACKAGE Carton box of 10/20Kg. 


Keep away from the reach of children, store in the original container, well closed, in a cool dry place and at temperatures below 40°C. 

Don’t ingest and as hygienic precaution wash hands after handling. 

Don't smoke and consume food or drinks during the use. 

Don't mix with other products.