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BioDegrease eliminates clogs and encrustations in all kind of sewage systems. BioDegrease consists of microorganisms, specific strains, carefully selected and concentrated for their capacity of degrading fats and organic substances deposited in kitchen drains and grease traps in restaurants and food/meals preparation. BioDegrease combines the immediate action of the odours neutralizer with the long-term action of the microorganisms to guarantee an effective treatment over time.

The odours neutralizer element of BioDegrease contains vegetal extracts and natural essential oils, the bacterial component contains sporogenous microorganisms of the Bacillus strain, to guarantee a broad action spectrum, speed in acclimatization, safety, compatibility, maximum effectiveness on a wide range of sewage systems.

BioDegrease completely degrades oils, animal and vegetal fats and has a synergistic action on the majority of the effluents. Once dosed in the sewages, it neutralizes molecules causing bad smells, creating a fresh and odourless atmosphere.

The efficiency of BioDegrease against pathogenic bacteria has been certified by several scientific laboratories. It avoids the settlement of pests which are normally found in sewages by eliminating the deposits of organic substances from which these usually find nourishment.


BioDegrease can be used both in aerobic and anaerobic environments with good results. BioDegrease reduces the expensive interventions for maintenance and cleaning of sewages and extends the intervals between the emptying of grease traps. BioDegrease keeps insects and pests away and it contrasts the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

FosDegreaser is indicated for the treatment of:

grease traps                                                     relaunch tanks                                 small fats separators       

discharge ducts                                                syphons                                             sewage system                                


BioDegrease is a ready to use liquid product, complete of nourishments, harmless for humans, animals and environment.

The bacteria contained in BioDegrease have been carefully selected from natural strains, not genetically modified. The raw materials of BioDegrease are completely biodegradable and with zero impact.

BioDegrease does NOT contain GMOs and products of animal origin.


Use with pH between 5.5 and 9.5 and temperatures between +6 and +45°C. Dose the product directly in the system to be treated and repeat the treatment regularly. In sewages treated with BioDegrease we recommend not to use bleach or other disinfectants for at least one hour before and after the treatment so as not to undermine the effectiveness of the product.

It is better to dose BioDegrease in the evening, while the sewage/system is not in use, so that the microorganisms have the time to activate and work actively in syphons, along pipes, drains and in the tanks to treat.


Dose daily from 2 to 5 ml for each meal produced.

Dose daily from 5 to 50 ml for each m3 of volume in the treatment tank.

Dose daily from 1 to 3 ml for each person who uses the sewage.



Store in the original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Do not smoke or consume food or drink during use. Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise wash with plenty of water. Always wash your hands after handling.

Store protected from frost and at temperatures below 40° C.

Do not mix with any other product, particularly with biocides, insecticides and disinfectants.