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BioPure is a formulation with spore-forming bacteria and free enzymes, lyophilised and stabilized that accelerate the degradation action of the bacteria through direct enzymatic hydrolysis. BioPure provides broad spectrum of action, quick acclimatization, security, compatibility, maximum effectiveness and speed of action in all kinds of sewage and septic tanks. BioPure degrades all organic substances presented, particularly urea, ammonia, oils, vegetal and animal fats and it fluidifies effluents and once dosed in sewages, it degrades also molecules causing bad smells.


BioPure completely degrades oils, animal and vegetable fats, blood and detergents, has a synergistic effect on the majority of wastewater, is able to keep pipes and sewage system free from clogs and avoids the formation of bad smelling incrustations in all kind of septic tanks, grease traps, dry wells, soak pits, while improving its functioning. MasterSeptic can be used both in aerobic and anaerobic environments with excellent results, it is an effective product for shock treatment in case of clogs and encrustations. By decreasing the dosage, it is ideal for the maintenance of siphons, drains, shower syphons andpipes, it is not corrosive.

The constant use of BioPure reduces high maintenance costs and cleaning, and is a viable alternative to the emptying of the tanks.

BioPure keep insects and pests away and prevents the pathogens growth.

BioPure is particularly effective for the treatment of:

separating wells septic tanks grease traps
black wells imhof tanks accumulation tanks
manholes relaunch tanks leachates
sewer pipes washing machines sewerage
siphons wells manholes
drainage pipes sewerage systems sanitary ware
WCs urinals showers

Upon specific request percentages of the bacterial mix can be changed to customized it according for the depuration of specific effluents.


BioPure is a solid bacterial-enzymatic additive complete of ready to use nutrients, harmless to humans and the environment. Microorganisms contained in BioPure have been carefully selected from natural strains, not genetically modified.

BioPure does NOT contain GMOs or products of animal origin.


Dose the product directly in the areas to treat and repeat the treatment regularly.

Start with shock treatment that includes 3 doses per week and continue with a maintenance treatment with a dosage per week.

In the drains treated with BioPure , we recommend you not to use bleach or other disinfectants for at least one hour before the treatment so as not to undermine the effectiveness of the product.

It is better to dose BioPure in the evening, when the sewage system/plant is not in use, so that the microorganisms can activate and works in siphons, along the pipes and in the tanks to treat.

If you use it on dry incrustations or trap and / or biological tanks, please use MasterSeptic pre-diluted in plenty of warm water.

In siphons and drains dose the powder directly, pour then a glass of water.

Alternate treatment in the various drains to clean all utilities.


calculated with formulation of UFC/g 200 million
MasterSeptic POLVO or IDROSOL
  • Dose between 20 and 100 gr for each m3 of the tank.
  • Dose between 5 and 50 gr for each siphon or shower siphon.
  • Dose between 5 and 20 gr for each person who uses the drains.
  • Dose between 3 and 10 gr for each meal produced.
  • Dose between 50 and 80g in the pre-wash/soak program of washing machines to clean gaskets, pump and drain pipes.
MasterSeptic CPS and CMP
  • 1 dose tablet/capsule for each person who uses the drains.
  • 1 dose tablet/capsule for every 5 meals produced.


Store in the original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Do not swallow. Do not smoke or consume food or drink during use.

Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise wash with plenty of water.

Always wash your hands after handling.

Store protected from frost and at temperatures below 40° C.

Do not mix with any other product.