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BioSewage Deo


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BioSewage Deo  is a specific formulation to keep free of clogs and encrustations all kind of sewage systems, syphons, septic tanks or grease traps, it neutralizes bad smells created by organic matter deposited over surfaces. Bacteria strains and enzymes contained in BioSewage Deo  provide broad spectrum of action, quick acclimatization, safety, compatibility, maximum effectiveness and speed of action in all kinds of sewage.

BioSewage degrades all organic substances presented, particularly urea, ammonia, oils, vegetal and animal fats and it fluidifies effluents, once dosed in sewages, it degrades also molecules causing bad smells. 

BioSewage Deo has an instant neutralization action of bad smells, leaving air clean and odourless.


BioSewage Deo  is particularly effective for the treatment of: 

grease traps septic tanks black wells 

relaunch tanks separating wells discharge ducts 

manholes relaunch tanks syphons 

toilettes urinals sewerage 

siphons wells manholes 

drainage pipes sewage systems sanitary ware 

WCs urinals showers 

waste treatment plants courts surfaces (tiles) 

rubbish bins-dumpsters-compactors waste tanks landfills 

screeners composter car seats 

rugs and carpets mattresses and paddings litters, cages and farms 

BioSewage Deo  can be used both in aerobic and anaerobic environments with good performances. 

BioSewage Deo  reduces expensive interventions for maintenance and cleaning of sewage systems and extends the intervals for tanks emptying. 

BioSewage Deo  keeps insects and pests away and prevents the pathogens growth.


BioSewage Deo  is a ready to use liquid product complete of nutrients, harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

Microorganisms contained in BioSewage Deo  have been carefully selected from natural strains, not genetically modified.

The raw materials of which it is composed are completely biodegradable with zero impact.

BioSewage Deo  does NOT contain GMOs or products of animal origin. 


Dose the product directly in the sewage to be treated and repeat the treatment regularly. 

In sewages treated with BioSewage Deo  we recommend you not to use bleach or other disinfectants for a minimum of one hour before the treatment so as not to undermine the effectiveness of the product. 

It is better to dose BioSewage Deo  in the evening, when the sewage system is not in use, so that the microorganisms can activate in siphons, along the pipes and in the tanks to treat. 



The product should be sprayed directly over surfaces and distributed evenly, diluted from 2 to 10% in water according to the bad smells intensity, encrustations, temperature of the environment and the frequency of the treatment. 

Treatment for LANDFILLS

The product should be sprayed directly over surfaces after the compaction and distributed evenly, diluted from 5 to 10 % in water according to the bad smells intensity, temperature of the environment and quantity of incoming waste. 

Sanitizing treatment for car wash accumulation tanks

First dose from 30 to 50 ml per each m3 of volume of the tank to be treated.

Dose daily from 10 to 15 ml per each m3 of incoming water in the tank. 

Odours neutralizer for pet’s environments 

The product should be sprayed directly over surfaces and distributed evenly, diluted at the time of use from 3 to 5 times in water according to the bad smells intensity and encrustations to be eliminated.


Store in the original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children.
Do not swallow. Do not smoke or consume food or drink during use.
Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise wash with plenty of water.
Always wash your hands after handling.
Store protected from frost and at temperatures below 40° C.
Do not mix with any other product, particularly with biocides, insecticides and disinfectants.