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BioWC is a biological formulation able to solve fluidification and bad smells problems of effluents coming from WC in an “eco-friendly” way, that is to say without using aggressive and harmful chemical agents.

BioWC is a blend of selected bacterial strains and natural vegetal extracts, very effective for the cleaning of chemical toilets. At every flush, bad smells will be instantly eliminated thanks to natural vegetal extracts and meanwhile natural bacterial strains degrade and fluidify effluent in the storage tank.

All ingredients of BioWC guarantee safety, broad action spectrum, maximum efficiency, quick action and compatibility with all wastewater treatment plants, where the storage tank is usually emptied. BioWC is a liquid product, with intense blue colour and balsamic odour.


BioWC can be used in chemical WC tanks, portable toilets and in all toilets of means of transport.


BioWC is a liquid, ready to use and complete of nourishments, harmless to humans, animals and environment.

The microorganisms contained in BioWC have been carefully selected from natural bacterial strains, not genetically modified. The raw materials of which it is composed, are completely biodegradable with zero impact. BioWC does NOT contain GMOs or other products of animal origin.


Use with pH between 5.5 and 9.5 and temperature between +6 and +45 °C.

Dose the product directly in the toilets to be treated and repeat the treatment regularly.

In sewages treated with BioWC it is suggested not to use bleach or other disinfectants for at least one hour before the treatment so as not to affect the product’s efficiency.


Small portable WC

30 ml in the empty tank, activate with 1 to 2 liters of clean water.

WC on means of transport

60 ml in the empty tank, activate with 1 to 2 liters of clean water.

Repeat as needed, at least once a week.

WC for building sites

100 ml in the empty tank, activate with 1 to 2 liters of clean water.


Pre-dosed bottle 1000 ml


Don't ingest. Don't smoke and consume food or drinks during the use. Avoid the contact with the eyes, in contrary case wash abundantly with water. As hygienic precaution wash hands after handling.

Store in the original container, well closed and in case of leftover product in the container, transfer the leftover in small containers to minimize the air volume in contact with the product.

Store in a cool dry place (at temperatures below 40°C).

Don't mix with other products, particularly with disinfectants, biocides or insecticides.