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DeoAIR is a liquid formulation, beige in colour with spicy fragrance, which has been developed to neutralize bad smells coming from chimneys or closed environments. The special blend of natural vegetal extracts (flowers, fruits, plants etc.) contained in DeoAIR guarantees immediate action, safety and efficiency in neutralizing bad smells contained in the air.

DeoAIR uses chemical reactions of combination and absorption for the control and neutralization of bad smells.


DeoAIR is a concentrate liquid product. DeoAIR is able to develop a deodorizing action that neutralizes bad smells completely, leaving the air clean and with a delicate natural fragrance.

DeoAIR is a product specific for communities, indicated for the treatment of:

  • chimneys
  • extractors
  • hoods
  • rooms
  • perimeters
  • manholes
  • hooklifts
  • filterpresses
  • tanks
  • cumulus


DeoAIR is a natural extract which neutralizes lots of bad smelling organic compounds.

The neutralization occurs with:

  • Combination, a method similar to construction, the foul-smelling gas reacts chemically with the neutralizing molecule and forms an odourless compound
  • Absorption a foul-smelling substance is absorbed by the neutralizer and forms an odourless product
  • Collection the micelles of some ingredients capture the odour molecules in the air, they create then a heavy drop that falls to the ground and holds the odours.

DeoAIR uses a combination of all these chemical andphysical methods.


All ingredients contained in DeoAIR are not toxic, they do not damage the environment and they are not subjected to transports regulations. DeoAIR is harmless for humans, animals and environment. DeoAIR does NOT contain GMOs.


Shake DeoAIR before use.

DeoAIR should be applied with spraying nozzle.

Spray finely and distribute evenly the solution of DeoAIR directly in the air until the perception of the typical fragrance of DeoAIR, then stop the nebulization and repeat the treatment regularly when the bad smells reappear.



1000 liter bulk canister

50 liter tank

10 liter concentrate

12 pz 500ml spray bottle



Store in the original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Do not swallow. Do not smoke or consume food or drink during use.

Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise wash with plenty of water.

Always wash your hands after handling.

Store protected from frost and at temperatures below 40° C. Do not mix with any other product, particularly with biocides, insecticides and disinfectants.