About Us

We are a small startup dedicated to the development of IoT systems and web oriented solutions. Based in Bulgaria and Italy, we  offer the best tecnology and design at an affordable price. Please contact us with your development ideas and we will provide our best solution.
Our mission is to develop turn-key solutions related to web development, with a specific attention to IoT, wearables, mobile and physical environment interfaces.
Our work pattern is totally project oriented and we strive to make each project our own, while leaving maximum freddom and flexibility to the customer.
Machines are created to make our life easier and it should not be difficult to interact. Tools should make life and work easier and not more complicate.
With these concepts in mind we always strive for a better solution, keeping in mind that simplicity is often the best strategy.
While we adapt to any demand from existing projects, we devised a line-up for our development.
We prefer Joomla as a framework, Bootstrap, Font Awesome and Google font as CSS and definitely we like Vanilla Javascript over JQuery.
IoT programing is done on Espressif platform using FreeRTOS, but depending on the task we can provide simpler or more complex solutions and hardware.

Meet The Team

This is not our team, but they look cool, so we left them in.

Lucas Schultz


Ara Dare


Dimitri Abernathy


All images are for demonstration purpose only. You will get the demo images with the QuickStart pack.

Also, all the demo images are collected from Unsplash. If you want to use those, you may need to provide necessary credits. Please visit Unsplash for details.