Our Portfolio

Here we present some of the activities we are currently carrying out and the resulting content.
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Domain management

Our approach to domain management is from the ground up, in order to detain total control over content and traffic it is necessary to take over the whole production chain, from DNS requests to data exchange and presentation. 

To achieve this result we integrate one of the most reliable management system and we partner with providers that ensure the necessary level of security, redundancy and availability.

Monitoring of resources, traffic and access to the platform(s) is fully automated, with the result of an average 99.8% availability through the year.

In case of unforeseeable events causing disruption in one or more systems, a backup strategy is implemented to recover full functionality in the shortest time possible.

Embedded development

Data is collected and managed through peripheral processors, which are designed, cofigured and programmed using industry standard packages and procedures.

Our platform of choice is Visual Studio Code with GitHub, language is C, C++ in any of the available development environment, as PlatformIO and Arduino.

Applications vary from data collection to environmental control, reporting, protocol interfacing and automation.

The data is collected in databases and accessible through data feeds, email or website.

Content management

The world of information revolves around content, which is searched, presented, listed and evaluated continuously.

Websites, social networks and media providers are the most common gateways for this flow of information, although these constitute a very competitive environment.

To be visible and convert this visibility into action it is necessary to know and apply the technologies that work, which come with terms like funneling,  positioning, landing pages, content strategies, conversion rate, A/B testing and acronyms like PPC, CTR, SEO, CPA.

 Other more traditional methods of maintaining customer relations are newsletters, focus groups, interest groups.

After the website or page is created, it has to be maintained, provided with new content and promoted through the media.

We develop public and private websites, provided of all the indexing and formal content necessary to rank into search engines, create articles and art for mailings and blogs, promote and publish on the major platforms, both as in-house  or autonomous content provider.

Below is a small list of websites that we help create or maintain.


MusiKult is a cultural association dedited to the promotion of music and culture.

This is an informative website with different sections inherent to the projects and activities of the association.

It implements news feeds, video and some ad content from sponsors and partners.

Developed in Joomla 4.0 using a Bootstrap template for enhanced styling simplicity and freedom.

Image is a vertical portal for local transport management.

It is composed of a simple landing page and of a private area that perfoms basic transport booking operations.

Automation is created in PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.


All images are for demonstration purpose only. You will get the demo images with the QuickStart pack.

Also, all the demo images are collected from Unsplash. If you want to use those, you may need to provide necessary credits. Please visit Unsplash for details.